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About MiTech Services

MiTech's enduring character is that of consistent quality and accountability. With this in mind, all new employees are closely supervised for extended periods by tenured personnel before they go "solo." Clients are surveyed and contacted to make sure they are satisfied with all work. 

Art Cline, General Manager
Art has been an IT professional since 1979 upon leaving the USAF and has been providing customer support for businesses since. In 1988 he began Mitec Services Group which later became Mitech Services servicing local business in the Dallas Metroplex with IT support services. He holds several Microsoft Server certifications, including MCSE, A+ certification, and Windows 7 certification. He believes that technology is an essential part of every business and the efficiency and reliability of that technology is crucial to the growth and operation of those businesses. He believes that each client, their employees and customers should be respected and treated courteously in every situation.


Kelly Cox
Kelly served in the military in Iraq (Desert Storm) and is an
COMPTIA, A+ certified computer technician. He has been
employed with Mitech Services for almost 8 years as a
cusotmer support IT technician.

Secure priority service
with affordable
maintenance programs.

Once I call MiTech, I can go back to my work assured that they will handle the problem without any more effort on my part." - L Henderson
IT Technical Support Denton County Texas
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